The Animal Food Bank will have two distribution days in September at our office at 860 Broad St., Emmaus, rear of the building :

Saturday, September 14, 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday, September 21, 10 am - 2 pm

Please note that beginning September of 2019, our distribution days will be moving to the second and third Saturday of each month and our hours will be 10 am - 2 pm.

We typically hold at least two distribution days each month at our offices in Emmaus. We do not have distributions at any other location or time. The amount of distribution and type of food depends on the amount of food we have available. Please see recipient requirements below.


860 Broad Street

Suite 115 (rear of building)

Emmaus, Pennsylvania


Recipient Requirements

The Animal Food Bank requires the following before distributing food. No food can be distributed without presenting the following information at registration:

  1. A government-issued photo ID with proof of residence. Proof of residence consists of a utility bill, a cable bill, or other mail addressed to you at the residence on your ID.

  2. Proof of income. Examples of proof of income are a paystub, a tax return, or a statement from Social Security or other government agency. Access cards are not sufficient for proof of income.

  3. A spay/neuter certificate for each pet for whom you are seeking assistance, proof of a current rabies vaccination for each dog or cat for whom you are seeking assistance, and of a current dog license for each dog for whom you are seeking assistance

The Animal Food Bank requires families to comply with local ordinances on number of pets in one household.  For many communities in the Lehigh Valley, that limit is six.